2017 Writers

Letter from the Editors

Dearest Readers,

In opening this issue of Writers, you are opening yourself to the experiences and perspectives shared within this space.

With keen awareness and strong conviction, our contributors inhabit this space and welcome you to it, fostering a sense of belonging. Here, they reconcile their assertive individuality with a universal harmony. Our contributors are aware of what separates them from others and yet acknowledge acute similarities between us all. We witness this divided duality in strangers, ("Toyota Celica," cover), our surroundings, ("Identity / Who am I?" Editor's Choice, 2), and ourselves ("mija," Editor's Choice, 1). In recognizing this, they are creating — in words and images — the potential for mutual understanding by transcending our differences ("Rise Up," 18; "I Water the Bonsai," 24).

In exploring this vulnerability of duality, we commemorate a shared desire for togetherness ("Scenes from a Holiday for New Lovers," 45), while embracing a resilience found only in isolation ("I know not what to write," 42). These works speak to the tensions surrounding us ("Morning After" 50), and in doing so create space for openness. Each piece, in its own way, is able to resist definition and embrace multiplicity ("an apology to all the women in Berkeley," 21; "silence," 34).

By opening yourself to these works — those inhabiting a space of isolation and belonging — we welcome you to join us in being challenged by them and celebrating their inherent dualities.


Morgan Mann & Keaton Gaughan
Senior Editors


Toyota Celica by Jacqueline Ott

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Senior Editors
Morgan Mann
Keaton Gaughan

Jessica Busek
Kate Garcia
Emily Kline
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Fr. Patrick Hannon, CSC

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