2016 Writers

Letter from the Editors


In the 2016 edition of Writers, many of our contributors find themselves perched in a precarious in-between: between innocence and disillusionment, between love and violence, between intimacy and isolation, between the cosmic and the ordinary. With crisp honesty and careful diligence, our contributors make a gorgeous mess of polarity.

The stories and moments you’ll find between these pages are not about loss, love, or being; they are about losing, loving, and becoming. “A becoming which never becomes,” champions the author of our epigraph, Maggie Nelson. Perhaps that’s why our Editor’s Choice image is only a quick, moving snapshot of an ordinary jazz parade, that if only for that moment discloses the cosmic (“Impromptu Jazz Parade,” 4). Our Editor’s Choice poem is about loving — about the simultaneous feeling of infinity and destruction the speaker experiences when she lies in bed with her love (“In Bed,” 3). We feel deep down how funny and sad it is to lose innocence when the speaker of “Family Gumbo” exclaims, “What fresh hell is this?” upon learning the secret of the sacred, memory-laden family recipe (5). Our contributors commingle the mental and physical planes of in-betweenness — an empty apartment in Singapore has the power to transform the speaker: “I even got to looking like a completely different person (almost transparent, shot through with happiness) yet it was like I’d never existed in any other way” (“Singapore Apartment,” 57), and an entire culture exists between the cracks on the pavement in our Editor’s Choice prose piece (“Checking Boxes,” 1).

Between these pages are intimate moments of our contributors’ experience with their own “becoming.” They found themselves between two places, and paused to consider the possibilities that lie therein. And by sharing them, they create possibilities for us to embrace the spaces we inhabit in the world. In this magazine, we find ourselves together in the in-between.

Happy reading,

Ana Fonseca & Morgan Mann
Senior Editors


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Ana Fonseca
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