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I went grocery shopping this week at Fred Meyers and noticed many things are increasing in price. What drew my attention was the price differences between organic and non-organic produce. It made me reflect on a class lecture where I learned that in low-income and BIPOC communities, there are many fast food places since people cannot afford healthy, fresh, and organic produce. Living in North Portland outside of campus made me realize that there are not a lot of affordable grocery stores in this area. The one that most college students and locals go to is Fred Meyers or Safeway. The other grocery store I know in this area is New Seasons. However, New Seasons is super expensive. Otherwise, I see there are a lot of fast food and convenience stores. In addition to the lack of healthy food options, this photo also addresses issues around transportation. It is challenging for people to access food in grocery stores due to the distance. Many of the grocery stores in North Portland are located in the gentrifiers' areas and are far from low-income and BIPOC neighborhoods. Using UP students as an example, Fred Meyers is approximately one mile from where most UP students live. The walk to the store is not terrible, but walking back with the items is challenging since it requires extra strength. As for locals who do not have a vehicle, even though there are many buses in the area, the problem is that it can be tough to purchase a lot of items and carry them on the bus.

Theme: The Economic Environment: Where do you see economics (disparities and access to resources) in your natural and/or built environment?

Medium: Digital Photography

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