Owen Price

Publication Date

Spring 2019

Faculty Advisor

Andrew Eshleman


College of Arts & Sciences


This project investigates Harry Frankfurt’s work on love and its role in his model of practical reason. Specifically, it identifies a number of shortcomings in Frankfurt’s view focused on his dismissal of objective practical value, putting all such value in terms of personal commitment to what one loves. In other words, this project finds fault in the claim that “love is all you need” to construct a compelling model of practical reason. However, I find that his model can overcome these shortcomings if it can be extended to include non-personal sources of practical value. I conclude by suggesting just such a source: if his view can be made to recognize objective practical value like autonomy, it would address my concerns while hopefully remaining true to the original spirit of the work.


Practical reason; Love--Philosophy

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PHL 499E Honor's Capstone Project

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Honors Capstone Thesis