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Malnutrition in children with cancer should not be accepted at any stage of the disease or tolerated as an inevitable process. To prevent malnutrition and its complications during cancer treatment, early identification is essential. SCAN is a simple, quick, and valid screening tool which can be utilized to identify children with cancer who are at risk of malnutrition. Utilizing the Iowa Model, implementation of SCAN incorporating customized EHR prompts for documentation was piloted for 8 weeks in an outpatient pediatric oncology clinic at an academic- affiliated hospital in Texas. Effectiveness of the implementation process was evaluated by percentage of opened forms (90%), percentage of completed forms (49%), percentage of completed screens forwarded to provider (90.5%), percentage of identified at risk patients billed as at risk by the providers, (50%), and the results of a staff questionnaire. Staff found value in utilization of SCAN to potentially improve patient care, but the current process needed minor modifications for long-term sustainability.

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Nutrition, Risk assessment, Pediatric, Oncology, Supportive care


Nutritional assessment; Pediatric cancer; Pediatric nutrition; Pediatric oncology

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NRS 597: Practice Improvement Project.

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