Betty J. Hamill

Publication Date

Spring 4-14-2014


A practice improvement project was conducted to implement the use of Bright Futures health screening tools at a rural school-based health center. Some healthcare issues may be difficult for an adolescent to disclose or the adolescent may not understand that the concern should be addressed. A good screening tool should assist a nurse practitioner to help students to disclose difficult information and to provide preventative health care services. It was determined that the Bright Futures Adolescent Supplemental Questionnaires were an effective and efficient tool in increasing relevant knowledge for the pediatric nurse practitioner in this setting. Students were willing and able to complete the forms and take part in screening for potential health concerns. Use of these screening tools led to the discovery of risk factors and problems that might not otherwise have come to light.

Author Supplied Keywords

Bright Futures, adolescents, screening tools, school-based health clinics


Adolescent; Medical Screening; School Health Services

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Doctoral Project