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Western Journal of Nursing Research

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The majority of Latinas of childbearing age is not sufficiently active; a significant health disparity, and is at-risk for deleterious health consequences. The study’s objectives were to explore how acculturation and factors associated with acculturation affect engagement in Physical Activity (PA) among Latinas. Based on data (2008-2011 NHIS; n=7,278), multinomial logistic models were employed to predict odds of adherence to 2008 CDCPA Guidelines. Among 3,386,680 U.S. Latinas, 18 to 47 years, 58.9% (SE=0.0073) met neither aerobic nor muscle strengthening recommendations, after controlling for poverty, income, marital status and competing obligations. Less acculturated Latinas, (Spanish-preferring), were less likely to engage in PA than English-preferring counterparts (OR=0.57, p<0.01). Spanish-preferring foreign-born Latinas have substantially smaller odds of meeting PA guidelines than U.S.-born English-preferring Latinas (OR=0.3, p<0.001). Puerto Ricans and Dominican immigrants are least likely to meet guidelines. Latinas are not homogeneous. Country of origin and acculturation should be considered in future PA interventions.

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Latinas, Hispanic women, Physical Activity, Acculturation


Exercise--Social aspects; Acculturation--United States; Hispanic American women--Health and hygiene

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Citation: Vermeesch, A., & Stommel, M (2014). Physical Activity and Acculturation among U.S. Latinas of Child-bearing Age. Western Journal of Nursing Research. 36(4), 496-512.

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