Spring 2020

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Tyler Laird-Magee


Pamplin School of Business




The Walt Disney Company emphasizes Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) and has been determined to reduce its impact on its community and its environment ever year. While many entertainment companies focus on their brand image, Disney is dedicated to making a difference in three of its largest SBUs in terms of environmental and community impact: Consumer Product, Parks and Resorts, and Studio Entertainment. As a significant player in the entertainment industry, Disney’s overarching approach to CSR is holistic in satisfying stakeholder interests, as well as operational effectiveness and financial objectives of the business. Disney’s CSR strategy ensures an ethical Walt Disney Company that markets itself by its CSR values and provides valuable entertainment, products, and experiences to customers worldwide. By defining Disney’s values of CSR and sustainability, it sets the basis for further analysis of CSR and sustainability. By analyzing the CSR trends in the entertainment industry and how CSR is integrated into The Walt Disney Company, it shows how much Disney’s CSR values are reflected in its marketing strategies. My research focused on the role of CSR in many of Disney’s marketing strategies and campaigns in the three largest SBUs and to what extent they are influenced by it. This research reflects that Disney’s marketing strategies can be examined through Promotion, Product, and People.


Social responsibility of business; Corporations, American

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BUS 471H : Senior Honor's Project