Changing Teacher Hiring Practices to Improve Student Outcomes

Sean Galvin, University of Portland

Copyright for this work is retained by the author.


This paper is an attempt to replicate the findings of a study done by Drs. Esther Duflo, Pascaline Dupas, and Michael Kremer published in 2007. The primary question of this study was to determine if, by hiring low-cost local contract teachers, Kenyan school districts could improve student achievement and counteract classroom overcrowding that has been an issue since the removal of school fees in the country. I am also testing an additional hypothesis, whether students assigned to the contract teacher are less likely to drop out. I find, along with the previous study, that the hiring of a local contract teacher improves student learning for students assigned to the extra teacher by a statistically significant amount. Additionally, the students assigned to the contract teacher have a 3.7% lower attrition rate.