About the Exhibit

In partnership with Don't Shoot PDX, this exhibit highlights themes of systemic oppression, displacement, and collective resistance in Portland. Student researchers worked with community partners to understand how archives can be used for social justice and memory preservation.  

We want the exhibit to spark consideration of UP’s role today when it comes to realizing racial and economic justice in North Portland. Where are we now? What does it mean for us to be in solidarity with struggles for racial and economic justice? What does UP owe materially to that end? 

As you explore and browse through the exhibit, please take a moment to share your thoughts about these questions and the materials in the exhibit.


Content Warning: There is sensitive information in this exhibit, as we quote findings within UP's archives, as well as community archives. This includes information regarding systemic exclusion of marginalized groups on campus, voices of denial of the impacts of racism, dated language to describe racialized experiences, and systemic racism in North Portland. We highlight resistance and creative attempts to intervene in racial and economic injustice on and off campus, but understand this material is highly charged. Please proceed with care and caution.

Thanks to the incredible staff, librarians, and university archivists at UP who helped us along the way. We also thank and honor Tai Carpenter and Teressa Raiford from Don’t Shoot PDX, who continually show us what it means to liberate archives for racial and economic justice. You made this project possible.

In a Spirit of Solidarity (not Charity), the students and faculty of SW460 (Social Justice Capstone), Public Research Fellows (PRF), Ethnic Studies, and our partners from Don’t Shoot PDX.