Date of Award

Spring 2023

Document Type

Doctoral Dissertation

Degree Name

Education, Ed.D.



First Advisor

Dr. Deirdre Hon

Second Advisor

Dr. Katie Danielson

Third Advisor

Dr. Sally Hood

LC Subjects

Educational evaluation; Educational psychology; Elementary Education; Literacy; Reading instruction


The current study examined teachers’ perceptions with regard to the Guided Reading (GR) approach in elementary level education. Specifically, this study examined the following research questions: a) What are Alberta teachers' perceptions about the GR approach? b) What are Alberta teachers’ perceptions about how they enact GR in the classroom? and c) What are Alberta teachers' perceptions about how they learned about GR? This study utilized a mixed methods research approach to examine Alberta teachers’ perceptions about GR in a single separate Alberta elementary school. Thirteen teachers completed demographic and survey questions relating to the GR approach and the research questions noted above. A further six teachers from grades one, three, and five participated in focused interviews to further elaborate and elucidate teachers’ perceptions with regard to GR in the elementary grades. Three main themes that emerged from the study were as follows: a) teachers have mixed feelings about the GR approach; b) implementing GR can be a challenging process; and c) training and support for teachers could impact the way GR is implemented. Eight subthemes emerged from the study, including positive attributes of GR, negative attributes and challenges associated with GR, GR for ELL students, GR enactment, challenges with implementation in classrooms, the planning process, training components, and teaching resources. Findings of the study revealed that overall, teachers’ perceptions of the GR approach are overwhelmingly negative with a few positive aspects.


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