Date of Award


Document Type

Master Thesis

Degree Name

Management Communication, M.S.


Communication Studies

First Advisor

Natalie Nelson-Marsh

LC Subjects

Communication, International--Social aspects; Intercultural communication; Communication in organizations; Language in the workplace


This study argues that globalization is an organizational communication process, which embodies the constant tension between homogenization and uniqueness of cultures in the global business context. The tension of globalization emerges through intercultural communication processes between professionals with different symbolic understandings and taken-for-granted assumptions of what it means to be a professional and act professionally. In order to navigate these different understandings, professionals need to negotiate “boundary tensions” or different assumptions about the “right way” to be a professional. Extending the conversation on identity, this study argues that all the different fragments of identities interact in the discursive mediation and performance of professional identity in intercultural and globalized organizations. Professional Identity therefore is a picture puzzled together by many fragments of identities and performed in context.


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