Ryan Clarke

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Dr. Jordan Farina


Donald P. Shiley School of Engineering


The goal of the present project is to design and implement an electromechanical valvetrain for a single-cylinder gasoline engine. This system is to replace the existing fully mechanical camshaft-based valvetrain with a computer-controlled system capable of independently controlling each engine valve. This system can improve the power and fuel efficiency of the engine by removing the inefficiencies caused by the camshaft-based valvetrain. Recently, the Camcon and FreeValve companies have each developed similar systems which replace the camshaft in automobile engines and provide up to 15% increases in fuel economy. The electromechanical valvetrain of this project uses high-speed electric air valves to control the flow of air to high-speed pneumatic rams which open and close the engine valves. A primary improvement of this system is the expected ability to open the engine valves faster than a camshaft-based valvetrain. The pneumatic-based design was chosen for its cost effectiveness, manufacturability and availability of suitable components to simplify production of a working system.


Electromechanical devices--Dynamics; Internal combustion engines; Energy consumption

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ME 484H Senior Honors Project

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