Kiley Gersch

Publication Date

Spring 2019

Faculty Advisor

Dr. Jennifer Symons


Donald P. Shiley School of Engineering


This report provides an overview of the development and testing of a wearable, pneumatic distal limb pressure device, called “LymphGo”, designed to manage swelling in the calf caused by lymphedema. Lymphedema is caused by insufficiency or damage in the venous system, manifesting itself as swelling due to the buildup of lymphatic fluid, especially in the lower legs. Compression methods are currently the most common method of symptom management. These devices are either inadequate in redistributing fluid up the leg to alleviate swelling and cause painful ulcers due to consistent static pressure or completely immobilize the user to achieve adequate functionality. The device described in this report seeks to create a mobile, actively driven device to act as a middle ground between existing solutions to help manage or lessen the symptoms of lymphedema.


Lymphedema; Edema; Mechanical engineering; Medical instruments and apparatus

Publication Information

ME 483H-A Senior Honors Project

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Document Type

Student Project