Teresa Connolly

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Ageism has become a much more prevalent issue in recent years. The biases and prejudices that exist towards the aging only reinforce the narrative that portrays aging as a process of decline. This study aims to discover the perceptions that current college students have towards aging, as viewed through their discourse and manners of speaking about the aging process. In addition, through the use of the Anxiety about Aging Scale (Lasher & Faulkender, 1993) this study highlights the degree of anxieties this age group might have towards their own aging process as compared against similar collegiate-aged data from 15 years ago. Findings show still a significant, articulate level of ageist stereotyping present in current college student’s discourse, most notably in regard to its focus on appearance as central to a person’s value.


Ageism, College students; Social Bias; Student Attitudes

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CST 411: Communication Across Barriers

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