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This study aimed to expand knowledge of protective sexual health communication between individuals engaging in consensual intimate encounters. Specifically, it sought to identify if there was a correlation between self-disclosure of this communication type and the classification of relationship (e.g. boyfriend/girlfriend, casual hookup partners…etc.). Student participation (N=53) involved completing a survey questionnaire that inquired about the most recent intimate encounter he or she had, classify the relationship of that encounter (e.g. boyfriend/girlfriend, one night stand…etc.), and answering a health protective sexual communication (HPSC) scale with that particular experience in mind. The following question addressed the role of alcohol in recalled encounter. Findings indicated that students who were not in a committed relationship (e.g. dating but not officially boyfriend/girlfriend, consistent casual hook-up partners, or one night stand) demonstrated higher scores on HPSC scale. Additionally, students who claimed alcohol to have an effect on how intimate encounter evolved scored lower on HPSC scale.

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Self-disclosure, Sexual history, Sexual health, STD’s, Alcohol, Hookup behavior, College students, Casual sex


College Students; Health Education

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