Nicola Plate

Publication Date

Fall 2014


This research study explores the differences in conflict management based on academic discipline, gender, and year in school. Looking at past research revealed that there is little cross disciplinary research on the topic of conflict management styles. This study aimed to fill that gap by comparing four conflict management styles (Compromise, Avoidance, Accommodation, and Domination) across undergraduate nursing students, engineering students, and education students. Students from these schools were asked to fill out a survey asking about their conflict management styles. The results revealed that engineering students use the domination conflict management style significantly more than nursing students and education students. It also revealed that nursing students use compromising significantly more than engineers. For gender, men use more dominating than women whereas women use more compromising then men. For year in school, sophomores use avoidance more than seniors.

Author Supplied Keywords

conflict, conflict management styles, undergraduate students, professional discipline, nursing students, engineering students, education students, conflict resolution

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CST 416: Negotiation and Conflict Management

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Student Project