Stephen Kersh

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Spring 2014


Competiveness within a culture is often discussed as an important factor to the degree that knowledge is shared within an organization. In this paper, I consider the influence of the degree of competitiveness of such organizational cultures on knowledge sharing, a crucial process in knowledge management, and on how competiveness affects team-to-team relationships in the athletic department. Through my research, I wanted to find out: To what degree does the competitiveness of an organization’s culture play on the way knowledge is shared in that organization, and what methods are used inside an athletic department for creating a culture that promotes openness and success? In doing this, I sat interviewed multiple members of an athletic department and documented their meetings. Results showed competiveness to not be helpful in a department more geared towards competiveness with other institutions. Knowledge sharing is too important in this industry and stakeholders rely too much on the department for competiveness to interfere with an open culture.

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