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In this paper, a training program for new volunteers at the Regence Boys and Girls Club organization is proposed. This training program will reduce uncertainty of volunteers and create a more culturally competent individual who is better prepared to work in an intercultural environment. It will emphasize three main objectives that should be accomplished including: motivation, knowledge, and skills changes. According to Ting‐Toomey (2007), if an individual develops these three objectives, a successful training program will exist. Within these three objectives, specific skills are highlighted in the training programs which have been noted within previous research. Understanding nonverbal communication, identifying and utilizing backchannel cues, and gaining overall background knowledge on specific cultures are the main skills that will be taught in the new training program. This supplemental training session should benefit the organization by helping minimize conflict between people of different cultures, as well as by educating about cultural communication styles and techniques.

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CST 431: Intercultural Communication Capstone Project

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