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This study explores the influence of a dual-career marriage on role conflict and marital satisfaction. The investigator proposed eight research questions regarding role conflict and marital satisfaction, and their respective relationships with the number and age of children in the family; educational level; and economic status in dual-career marriages. Forty-one participants, currently in dual-career marriages with children, were asked to evaluate their family, married, and work life through a questionnaire survey. Two significant quantitative results were determined. First, an Independent Samples T-Test found that there are significant differences between the number of children (one versus more than one child) and role conflict in a dualcareer marriage. Second, a pearson bivariate correlation determined that there is a significant relationship between economic status and role conflict in a dual-career marriage. Multiple themes also emerged from the open-ended questions in the survey regarding family-work and work-family conflict, marital communication strategies and techniques, and marital satisfaction. The discussion and conclusion provide possible explanations, theoretical frameworks, limitations, and future research in response to these findings.

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Dual-Career Marriage, Role Conflict, Work-Family Conflict, Family-Work Conflict, Marital Satisfaction, Marital Quality, Dual-Career Marriage and Work-Family Conflict, Dual- Career Marriage and Marital Satisfaction

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