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Summer 2014


Traditional families believe that the father should work full-time outside of the home, while the mother’s full-time job is to stay at home and take care of family needs; however both men and women have begun to reject traditional gender roles as they reconsider what constitutes a family and how families operate (Mosser & Hanson, 2012).Many men and women have expressed their desire to develop new skills, face new challenges, and overcome obstacles outside of the traditional gendered domains of work and family.Several recent studies showed that more women desire greater responsibility in the workforce, and more men aspire to play an increasingly active role in parenting their children (Aumann, Bond, Galinsky, 2011, Deusen, Harrington, & Humberd, 2011).Shifting from traditional to modern gender roles has created more tension and conflict within families as parents question their conflicting roles and identities in the home and workplace.


Sex role; Family relationships; Family structure

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CST 525: Advanced Interpersonal Communication Capstone Project

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