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Fall 2018


This is a study of intercultural romantic relationships, studied through the theoretical lenses of Relational Dialectics theory and Social Identity theory. Supporting literature reveals patterns of integrating the use of Mark Knapp’s Relational Development model, identity negotiation and the use of Intercultural Communication Competence. An analysis of interviews with six women who were/are involved in intercultural romantic relationships were interviewed in a one time interview that consisted of a series of open ended questions. This study analyzes how each couple manages conflicts in the relationship that emerge from differences in culture, revealing patterns of affirmation, cultural engagement, passivity and the use of constructive relationship strategies. These findings are useful for the study of intercultural couples, given that there is very little research conducted thus far.

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Intercultural relationships, Romantic relationships, Communication, Culture, Intercultural communication competence (ICC), Values


Intercultural communication; Interpersonal relations; Couples

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Organizational Communications Research Project

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Master's Project