The Impact of Management's Customer Orientation on Job Satisfaction and Competency of Service Employees in the Public Sector: The Mediating Effect of Role Stress

Elena Bernard, University of Portland
Talai Osmonbekov

Service Science, 2013, Vol. 5, No. 4, pp. 310-320

© Robert Chi, Ed. & Pub.


Customer orientation has been a focus of research for a number of years in marketing literature.Whereas prior research primarily focused on service employees' customer orientation, this paper explores management's customer orientation and its effects on employees' job satisfaction and competency.Role stress is proposed to mediate the effects of management's customer orientation on employees' job perceptions because it is a mechanism by which employees make the management's strategies a reality in service organizations.We test the proposed mediation model using structural equation modeling and a sample of government agency employees.The results support the proposed model.We provide the implications of the model for managers of government organizations and future research in this area.