About Pilot Scholars

Pilot Scholars is an Institutional Repository (IR) that brings together all of the University’s research under one umbrella, with an aim to preserve and provide access to that research.

Pilot Scholars strives to increase the visibility and sharing of scholarly, creative, and administrative works produced by members of the University community through the collection, organization, description, and promotion of these resources.

Under the direction of the Digital Services Librarian, Clark Library identifies resources for inclusion in the repository, works with Schools and Departments to gather resources for submission, describes these materials, and uploads them into Pilot Scholars to make them accessible to the campus and broader academic community.

Benefits of Pilot Scholars

  • Authors can increase the visibility of their research and article ranking through indexing by Google and Google Scholar.
  • Authors can log in to Pilot Scholars to see their articles’ downloads and viewership statistics dashboard.
  • Provides a persistent URL that authors can add to their CVs, portfolios, personal websites, and share work with colleagues.
  • A single place to collocate articles published in different journals.
  • Long-term preservation cloud storage.
  • Enables authors to increase the visibility of their work, and follow the work of others in their field across a global network of repositories through the BePress Digital Commons Network, thereby enhancing collaborative opportunities.

Permanent faculty and staff affiliated with any UP college, department or other campus units can contribute eligible content. Student major papers and final products (Capstones, Honors Projects, Graduate Theses and Dissertations, Practice Improvement Papers, Research Posters) are also welcome with permission from a faculty advisor.

Materials eligible for inclusion in the repository should be scholarly or creative in nature. Contributions are intended to exist permanently within the repository. Works in progress or those that are ephemeral in nature are not recommended for submission.

From the Pilot Scholars home page (http://pilotscholars.up.edu/), click on the “Submit Research” button in the lower left-hand sidebar of the page and follow the instructions. Some publications do not allow authors to submit directly. In these cases, you will be provided with a mail form to contact the appropriate administrator for further instruction.

Email Pilot Scholars @ to learn more about services or to submit your work.