Writers Magazine is the University of Portland's annual publication of written and visual works. It offers students the opportunity to showcase their creative endeavors, and gives editors the challenge of selecting works representative of the community's collective culture. Writers offers all those at the University of Portland and around us a glimpse into our campus' imaginative resources. Writers Magazine has been sponsored by the English Department since 1977, before which it was titled Dedalus. With guidance from a faculty advisor, the magazine is entirely student-run.

Current Volume: 2019 Writers

Letter from the Editors

Dear Readers,
We hope that you can find a piece of yourself nestled in the depths of these creative minds. With Writers, we never start compiling selections with a theme in mind; rather, we wait for the patterns to reveal themselves naturally. Our main goal is to be an illuminating and empathetic voice for all students on campus, in which every-one’s experience is truly unique. But when we step back and look at the collection as a whole, a theme somehow always emerges.

Immediately, we noticed a preoccupation with the physical body in this year’s pieces. To quote Margaret Atwood, “you are your own voyeur,” and this year’s edition abounds with pieces that reflect on this idea of self-surveillance. We attempt to rec-oncile with how we appear, both to ourselves and others, like in this year’s Editor’s Choice “dysmorphia”, or how we relate to each other within and outside of physicality (“the miles between saigon and guangzhou,” “Things to Be”). We use our bodies to cope with trauma and tragedy, to create distance (“Incantations for your Digital Ghost”) but also to seek connections (“valenta”). We survey ourselves, both past and present (“Female Assimilation,” “A letter to my former Self”), and attempt to distance ourselves from physical notions. Mostly, though, we hope that others might feel the same way, that we are not isolated in our bodies.

Just as no two life experiences are the same, our relationship with ourselves is constantly changing. As we navigate through society, we attempt to find a place for ourselves, a place where we fit. Being accepted by others is something we all desire, and when this desire is met with rejection, we find ways to rationalize and cope with who we are and who we want to become. The ubiquitous dysphoria we find in our reflections, between our perceived image and our reality, takes away from the deep, interconnection of our shared, human experience. This year’s edition is meant to restore this connection, to celebrate and reveal truths about ourselves, that we have yet to share.

Emily Nelson & Kristine Foo
Senior Editors



Writers 2019
Theresa Foley, Isabel Cortens, Sam Starkey, Kaylin Ingalls, Lindsey Keefer, Maddie Nguyen, Caroline Holyoak, Evan Ferguson, Kristine Foo, Olivia Mitchell, Emily Nelson, Riley Eyring, Michael Gallagher, and Terrance Lewis

Cosmic Sands by Natalie Briare


Senior Editor
Emily Nelson
Kristine Foo

Kelley McCaffery
Kyle Sparrman
Sam Leicht
Claire Breiholz
Sophie Downing

John McDonald

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