Writers Magazine is the University of Portland's annual publication of written and visual works. It offers students the opportunity to showcase their creative endeavors, and gives editors the challenge of selecting works representative of the community's collective culture. Writers offers all those at the University of Portland and around us a glimpse into our campus' imaginative resources. Writers Magazine has been sponsored by the English Department since 1977, before which it was titled Dedalus. With guidance from a faculty advisor, the magazine is entirely student-run.

Current Volume: 2018 Writers

Letter from the Editors

Dearest Humans,
The goal of Writers each year is to successfully represent the individual and collective voices of the student body at the University of Portland. This task is not without its challenges. Given the plethora of differing experiences and voices that comes from within the University, our responsibility of identifying that common thread can become an arduous one. However, this year we found that paradoxically, it is that wealth of experience that both separates us and unites us––as you will see in the pages to come.

While everyone will glean different insights from the works, we challenge you to remain open to the diversity and multiplicity of selves that are presented in the following pages. One of this year's Editor's Choice pieces, "A College-Educated Local Braddah, Cheehu! \mn/" provides a remarkable account of the many selves contained and negotiated on a daily basis. We believe that this year's selections amplify and celebrate this multiplicity, exploring the faces we choose to show (or not to show) to those around us.

These pieces challenge assumptions made in haste (Grandpa Ed Shot a Man, p. 31) and take up the interconnection and disconnection of and from bodies (Spontaneous Contact *, p. 33; they ask on the first day, p. 13). They invite you to explore the deeply personal facets of identity that too often either go unnoticed (shifting and bursting earth, p. 30) or are just carelessly overlooked ('A'ole Au He 'Amelika – He Hawai'i Au, p. 55).

Additionally, we are excited this year to introduce (and hopefully normalize) the practice of placing preferred pronouns next to preferred names, as another testament to the many ways in which our understandings of others are already–always partial. We think that these pieces are powerful enough to shift your views on what constitutes community and invite growth through dialogue, and reflection.

Keaton Gaughan & Emily Nelson Senior Editors


to be without by Sabrina Bernaldo-Olmedo


Senior Editors
Keaton Gaughan
Emily Nelson

Sasha Foley
Kristine Foo
Elena Lazarus
Kelley McCaffery
Catherine Warner

Fr. Patric Hannon, CSC

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