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Journal of Ecumenical Studies

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Fall 2018


For many centuries, some religious persons have intentionally entered into friendship with members of other religious traditions. Through such friendships, new appreciation for religious others and their faith have been realized. The friendship between Masao Abe, a Japanese Buddhist and philosopher, and James L. Fredericks, a Roman Catholic priest and theologian, is no exception. As Fredericks has acknowledged in several of his works, his friendship with Abe led to his renewed appreciation of his own Christian tradition as well as of Buddhism. An urgent concern that ought to be addressed by contemporary comparative theologians is to articulate ways the fruits of such interreligious friendships can be celebrated in their respective liturgical rituals. This work calls attention to ways such a project can be explored. Particular attention is given to the ways the Liturgy of the Word in the Roman Catholic Church's eucharistic celebrations can become the place where the riches of other religious traditions can be celebrated.


Theology; Christianity; Buddhism

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