Take what you need, give what you can


Tatum Hafford


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I was on a walk around the neighborhood, and this "take what you need, give what you can" box caught my eye -- these shelves are great examples of what a community of care looks like. I see this shelf often, and it is not always stocked with the most useful or healthy items, but, that said, what is in it still goes to show how people are thinking about the needs of their community and what they can do to care for them, even in the smallest ways. Right next to this shelf is a little community garden, though, considering the season, it is not yet in bloom. Both the shelving and the garden make food available to people who might not have access to these foods otherwise, and the fact that these things are from the community and for the community foster a much needed sense of care.

Theme: Access to Food and Nutrition: What food is available and to whom? Where and how do they get access to it?

Medium: Digital Photography

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