Ainahau Triangle, Another Park that Closes


Kate Andersen


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I traveled over spring break, and this picture is of a park in Hawai'i. Something that was so obvious while we were traveling in the 'tourist trap' of Waikiki, was how effective the police were at sweeping the houseless people away. Beaches, parks, and any other space you can think of that someone could sleep or rest outdoors were closed during certain hours of the night, often from 10pm-5am. Additionally, there are almost no public restrooms, and there are actually very few public benches to combat houseless people sleeping in this area. This is a prominent example of how there is inaccessibility to resting in the outdoors, even when it is all publicly owned, such as the beaches in Hawai'i.


Accessibility to Rest and Leisure in the Outdoors: Who gets the right to rest and where?

Medium: Digital Photography

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