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Lexi Turner


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I was driving with some friends on the one sunny day this week, and I captured this photo because I thought the mountain and the downtown buildings looked so beautiful. Looking back at the photo, the mountain's view is almost completely covered by buildings, showing an excellent metaphor for economics and industrialization versus nature and the natural environment. It's a great metaphor for access. Mount Saint Helens and the clean, natural environment it has is not very accessible if you don't have proper transportation as well as time. Because of these factors you might be stuck in the city and unable to reach these clean places. It's also a good metaphor for the more we build and industrialize and consume, the more we take from the natural environment, completely covering and destroying acres of natural resources and land. When I look at this photo, I like to imagine how more beautiful it would be back when there was no Portland and it would be a picture of beautiful open land, and a full sky.

Theme: The Economic Environment: Where do you see economics (disparities and access to resources) in your natural and/or built environment?

Medium: Digital Photography

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