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Lexi Turner


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For this assignment, I thought about space. I walked around North Portland and all over campus and took this photo of the SLUG garden. Even though it is almost spring, the garden looks quite dead, but hopefully it will bloom soon. When it comes to food and food access, I usually look no further than the grocery stores I shop at, or the on campus dining options I eat at. Food is accessible to only those who can afford it, but also those who have the space and time for it if you grow it yourself. Since we live in a particularly urban area, there are not many spaces dedicated for food growing because the space is given up for industrial purposes. Even in this photo you notice the street that comes all the way up to the garden, or the buildings and bridges in the background that criss-cross the landscape. If you can't afford buying food at the store, growing some of your own food can be an option, if you have the space, though space is also a luxury. A luxury not everyone can afford. Is food accessibility a luxury?

Theme: Access to Food and Nutrition: What food is available and to whom? Where and how do they get access to it?

Medium: Digital Photography

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