Survival in nature


Ellee Becker


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I saw this cluster of mushrooms growing on a fallen tree branch outside of my house. I find fungi to be one of the most magnificent examples of survival in nature. They function as the "trash collectors" of the forest by breaking down decaying materials like rotting wood as we see in the picture. They absorb the nutrients of the decaying wood and find life out of something that is no longer fulfilling its original purpose. We can learn a lot from mushrooms from the perspective of reusing and recycling for survival purposes. As humans, we produce an immense amount of waste and tend to normalize buying new things over reusable ones. Nature demonstrates that there are sustainable ways to live and gain from what has already been utilized.

Theme: Nature and Survival: How is the natural environment a place of survival? How do you see resilience and survival in the outdoors?

Medium: Digital Photography

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