Along the River


Ellee Becker


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While sitting next to the Columbia River and below the St. Johns bridge, I couldn't help but notice how crowded the riverfront was across from me. I was looking at the railroad, a few buildings, cranes, and other work equipment right in front of Forest Park and the busy highway. Portland's riverfront has always been an area for industry and a lucrative location for company growth and convenience. I often wonder what the riverfront would look like if there was no or limited development around it. The river would surely be less polluted and there would be more space for wildlife and human recreation. Our economy has a way of pushing convenience over beauty, the quick way of doing things over a slower more natural process. Where developing on the shore of the Columbia River may be financially opportunistic and timeefficient to build upon, the long-term consequences of this development has been devastating for the surrounding environment. While these long-term consequences is something that affects us all, BIPOC communities are disproportionately affected.

Theme: The Economic Environment: Where do you see economics (disparities and access to resources) in your natural and/or built environment?

Medium: Digital Photography

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