Standing Strong


Vy-An Nguyen


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Survival in the natural environment is challenging, especially since there is no protection and vulnerability. What makes survival in the natural environment possible is adapting and staying strong- resilience. Gordon’s Fireplace Shop, located on NE 33rd Ave and Broadway, closed its doors in 2016 after 60 years of business in the neighborhood (www.oregonlive.com). This building symbolizes resilience. Several years have passed since it permanently closed, and over those years, the windows were smashed, there are artworks with positive and negative comments, and it stands 24/7 in the PNW weather. It has been abandoned and forgotten by many people. Many cars drive on the busy I-84 freeway, passing it and drivers ignoring its existence. Regardless, the building remains standing and will continue until someone lends a hand and restores it.

Theme: Nature and Survival: How is the natural environment a place of survival? How do you see resilience and survival in the outdoors?

Medium: Digital Photography

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