Good Intentions, but Is It Enough?


Camille Alik


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This is a photo I took at Roosevelt High School. This time, it includes a few food bags we had made to hand out at the food pantry. In this case, the intentions are well, trying to provide free food for those in the community. This food has been donated from our local food bank. While this seems great, much of the non-perishable foods are not as healthy as fresh produce would be. This goes to show how one's income determines whether or not they have access to a healthy diet. I understand that while non-profit organizations like the SUN School try to hold events where those in our community can get access to food that may be hard to get on their own, it would be more equitable if these foods were not ones that add to these communities' health issues, especially being that those in these communities are often BIPOC, which are more prone to non-communicable diseases. This adds to the list of ways that these populations are oppressed because of how only the rich can afford to be healthy.

Theme: Access to Food and Nutrition: What food is available and to whom? Where and how do they get access to it?

Medium: Digital Photography

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