Cathedral Rock


Tatum Hafford


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Over spring break, I went to Arizona. I am lucky to have a friend that lives there, and access to cars and modes of transportation. This picture was taken on a hike in Sedona, about an hour and a half away from Prescott where my friend lives. For the group I went with, this was a cheap and accessible activity. We weren't paying to go out, and we were able to hike and just enjoy nature and each other's presence. Thinking back on it now, this definitely is not an accessible leisure trip for everyone. Sedona itself is an expensive, small, tourist town. The shops and places to stay there are overpriced. My group was lucky to have cars to get us there, but for some, the cost of getting there is too much, and it is even more if you have to pay for lodging. The hike is also not accessible for people who are not as able-bodied as I am, which could stop a lot of people from being able to view this beautiful scenery.

Theme: Access to Rest and Leisure in the Outdoors: Who Has the Right to Rest and Where?

Medium: Digital Photography

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