The City of Roses


Beth Chvilicek


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This weekend, I went and explored Washington Park for a bit. I was immediately stunned at how large the park is - it's 458 acres. I think it's notable that Portland has dedicated this much land to nature - a lot of cities would use this land for economic development and housing. It's nice that decision-makers don't always screw over nature (although they often do). That being said, I'm not sure how sustainable Washington Park truly is. To the untrained eye (like mine), this park seems like a great space for people to enjoy nature. These spaces sound like a dedication to sustainability from a decision-making level. However, all of these amenities may not be truly sustainable. The park attracts a lot of foot traffic; some people may not be as dedicated to protecting the land as others and changing the natural layout of the land at all is less sustainable than not changing it in the first place.

Theme: Decision and Policy-Makers and Sustainability: What are consequences of decision-makers and policy-makers in regards to sustainability?

Medium: Digital Photography

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