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Medium: Clay, glass, wood, electrical components, gas gauge, brass tubing.

Dimensions: 26" W x 30" H

There is a strong and clear sense that we have conscious control over our movements and thoughts, "I decide to move my finger and it moves...almost instantly." However, scientific evidence suggests that most of the processing necessary to move the finger is going on for many milliseconds before we make the voluntary decision to move it. The brain must first churn through all the relevant data of trajectories and distances, write and organize programs to contract and relax groups of muscles and then send out the orchestrated commands toward the spine and then muscles. All this essential processing, under the radar of consciousness, is happening before we "decide" to move. Thus, our conscious "decider" might as well be located in a small room in the basement, sitting in front of a wide screen TV. But instead of making decisions in real time, the decider sits in front of the screen, getting delayed reports about what has already happened.

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Consciousness is Always the Last to Know left side view

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