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Medium: Stone, moss, wood, glass, water, electrical motor, pneumatic pump, electric cooling device, halogen lamp.

Dimensions: 30" H x 20" W

It all started when a friend, perched on his barstool, told me that "people should keep working and keep active all their lives...because...a rolling stone gathers no moss!" I said, “What? A rolling stone doesn’t gather moss? Come on...that can’t be right.” That conversation sent me to my garage and I cobbled together this contraption. This Rube Goldberg machine is wired into electrical timers, coming to life for 60 seconds each 45 minute period, 24 hours a day. The stone slowly rotates, driven by a motor and a pump that drives a mist of chilled rainwater, wetting the stone just enough to support life. If you look carefully, there is a blanket of moss growing on the stone.

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