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Medium: Wine glasses, Arduino motor controller, stepper motor, acrylic tubing and brass pulleys.

Dimensions: 30" x 48" x 6"

"I was visiting one of my nephews in NYC and he showed me a Tibetan metal bowl that he bought from a street vender in Greenwich Village. He rubbed a mallet along the bowl’s edge…and the bowl vibrated and generated a low, ringing hum. My nephew was in awe, claiming that the vibrations and the tone put him in a unique state of calm, a trance.

I was intrigued and over the next year spent many hours testing the sounds elicited by stemware at garage sales and Goodwill stores.

Like the Tibetan bowl, or a tuning fork, or wine glasses, every object will vibrate at a specific, measurable frequency. This particular frequency, known as the object’s resonant frequency, is based upon an object’s size, shape, thickness and substance.

Attempts to make an object vibrate faster, or vibrate slower, require more effort."

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