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Physical Review E

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We use Monte Carlo and transfer matrix methods in combination with extrapolation schemes to determine the phase diagram of the two-dimensional superantiferromagnetic (SAF) Ising model with next-nearest-neighbor (NNN) interactions in a magnetic field. The interactions between nearest-neighbor (NN) spins are ferromagnetic along x, and antiferromagnetic along Y. We find that for sufficiently low temperatures and fields, there exists a region limited by a critical line of second-order transitions separating a SAF phase from a magnetically induced paramagnetic phase. We did not find any region with either first-order transition or with reentrant behavior. The NNN couplings produce either an expansion or a contraction of the SAF phase. Expansion occurs when the interactions are antiferromagnetic, and contraction when they are ferromagnetic. There is a critical ratio Rc=½ between NNN and NN couplings, beyond which the SAF phase no longer exists.


Algorithms; Magnetic Fields; Models, Statistical; Phase Transition

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Physical Review E, 2013, Volume 87, Issue 5, 1-5.

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