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Journal of Vacuum Science and Technology B

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We present a comparison between experimental results and computer calculations on a high current, high resolution single lens electrostatic 100 kV Schottky electron gun. One promising application for such an electron gun is for direct electron‐beam patterning of x‐ray masks. The high energy helps provide precise patterning of the thick resist, maintains vertical resist profiles, and minimizes the proximity effect. The gun was designed to operate from 25 to 100 kV, capable of focus at a distance of 145–245 mm with a magnification of 1.15. The emitter, of apex radius ∼0.6 μm operated at 1800 K in the extended Schottky regime, provides an angular intensity of 0.5 mA/sr for an extraction voltage of 5000 V and with a beam limiting aperture of 2.2 mrad, the gun delivers 7 nA of probe current. The gun consists of a replaceable high voltage optic module mounted on a precision insulator with the main acceleration occurring between the exit of the optic module and the grounded anode. A provision is made for alignment of the emitter with respect to the central optical axis of the optic module in a special alignment chamber eliminating the need for high voltage emitter alignment. Final gun alignment is achieved by XY motion of the grounded anodeaperture. The gun is constructed to allow ease of replacement of the emitter, the beam defining aperture, and the differential pumping aperture. The beam supply has 10 ppm of ripple while lens supplies have supply, cabling, connectors,insulator, and optic module draw 1 μA of ground leakage current. Pressured SF6 chambers are used for high voltage connector interfaces within the power supply and on the gun.


Electron beams; Electron gun

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