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This practice improvement project evaluated the effect of implementing a new colorectal cancer screening process on primary care provider ordering and patient completion of screening.


A standardized colorectal cancer screening process was implemented and outcomes tracked for three months. Outcome measures included frequency of screening orders placed for eligible patients and patient completion of screening, time to complete screening, and the clinic’s overall screening rate. A process evaluation was conducted using an anonymous online survey sent to all participants.


Frequency of orders placed for eligible patients increased from 16.2% at baseline to 22.1% at three months post-implementation. The patient completion rate increased from 31.6% to 49.1%, and the clinic’s overall screening rate increased from 36.1% to 38.9%. Average time from date of screening order to completion of screening decreased from 20 to 18 days. Primary care providers perceived the practice change more positively than support staff.


Small but meaningful improvements in the colorectal cancer screening process were noted with this practice change.

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Colorectal cancer, Screening, Primary care, Rural, Fecal immunochemical test, Fecal occult blood test, Colonoscopy, Practice change


Cancer--Prevention; Colorectal cancer; Primary health care--Methods

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NRS 597: Practice Improvement Project.

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