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Literature exploring burnout and stress among clergy is well-established, but recent research suggests this population may face higher risk for chronic comorbidities, including cardiovascular disease. A northwest priest community approached a local school of nursing requesting blood pressure screening and health promotion through nonpharmacologic interventions. The purpose of this project was to determine the effect of a mindfulness-based intervention on blood pressure (BP) and stress over a time period of eight weeks. Pre-treatment and post-treatment scores and BPs were compared and yielded a statistically significant improvement. Findings from this project inform the nurse practitioner’s care of individuals looking for cost-effective nonpharmacological treatment of hypertension.

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Mindfulness, Priests, Clergy, Blood Pressure, Disparity, Barriers, Wellness


Mindfulness (Psychology); Meditation--Therapeutic use; Hypertension; Priests

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NRS 662 - DNP Scholarly Project III

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