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Preeclampsia is a multisystem hypertensive disease that is unique to pregnancy which can compromise the health of both the mother and the fetus (Phillips & Boyd, 2016). Preeclampsia and eclampsia are responsible for more than 50,000 maternal deaths annually worldwide (Ghulmiyyah & Sibai, 2012). Early diagnosis and disease management is critical for optimizing outcomes (Phillips & Boyd, 2016). Nurses can impact care and outcomes based on vigilance, recognition of warning signs, and patient education regarding the importance of postpartum follow-up care. Preeclampsia can initially manifest or continue during the postpartum period, which can lead to chronic hypertension, complicate future pregnancies, and cause long term multi-organ damage (Phillips & Boyd, 2016). Thus, the focus of this scholarly project is to educate undergraduate nursing students to identify disease progression of an acute crisis when caring for women with preeclampsia during the intrapartum period.


Nursing--Study and teaching; Preeclampsia

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NRS 544: Nursing Education in the Academic Environment Practicum



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