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Background and Purpose: The purpose of this project was twofold: to develop and implement a process for developmental screening using the Ages and Stages-3 (ASQ-3) tool in a small primary care clinic affiliated with a Coordinated Care Organization (CCO); and to explore the potential for collaboration between Doctor of Nursing Practice (DNP) students and community care organizations (CCOs) responsible for the quality-metrics in their respective regions.

Methods: DNP students partnered with clinic staff and a CCO to create clinic-specific training materials and workflows, including a PowerPoint, electronic health record (EHR) template, and in-personal training sessions. During implementation, children scheduled for well child appointments aged five years and younger were screened using the ASQ-3 questionnaire and data was collected for 10 weeks.

Conclusion: 100% of eligible children (five total) were screened and appropriately documented in the EHR. No children required referrals for failing scores.

Implications for Practice: Developmental screening with the ASQ-3 tool is a practical strategy to monitor the growth and development of children served by primary care clinics. DNP prepared advanced practice nurses are uniquely prepared to implement these sustainable practice improvement initiatives. Collaboration between DNP students and CCO clinics provides mutually beneficial opportunities to improve population health outcomes.


Children--Medical examinations; Medical screening; Medical protocols

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NRS 597: Practice Improvement Project

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