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Violence Against Women

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The purpose of this study was to explore variations in demographics, culture, self-esteem and intimate partner violence among Hispanic women according to country of origin, and to identify factors that are associated with differences in intimate partner violence. Baseline data from a randomized control trial testing the efficacy of an HIV prevention program was used. Path analyses were conducted to describe relationships between variables and identify potential mediators. Differences between Colombian women and women from other Central/South American countries were noted for intimate partner violence. Self-esteem was the only factor that was associated with these differences. Interventions that address the unique needs of Hispanic sub-groups and promote self-esteem are needed.

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Hispanic Women, IPV, Culture, Hispanic Stress, Machismo, Acculturation, Violence


Intimate partner violence; Women--Central America; Women--South America; Stress (Psychology)--Research; Stress (Psychology)--Social aspects

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Citation: Gonzalez-Guarda, R., Vermeesch, A., Florom-Smith, A., McCabe, B. Peragallo, N., and Cianelli, R. (2013). Birthplace, culture, self-esteem and intimate partner violence among community dwelling Hispanic women. Violence Against Women, 19(1), 6-23.





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