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International Journal for Human Caring

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Learning how to respond to others’ suffering is a significant challenge for undergraduate students in caregiving professions. An interprofessional-directed interview project related to suffering was implemented. Students (N = 247) completed a post project survey. Descriptive statistics indicated that students rated their interview-based learning experiences highly. Narrative theme analyses generated 4 main themes: a) developing self-awareness, b) expanding views of suffering, c) grasping spiritual aspects of suffering, and d) learning compassionate and supportive presence. From these preliminary findings has emerged a potential pedagogical model of suffering to prepare students to compassionately support those who suffer.

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Suffering, Interview project, Pedagogy, Compassionate presence, Self-awareness, Shared vulnerability


Suffering--Social aspects; Suffering--Study and teaching

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International Journal for Human Caring, 2015, Volume 19, Issue 1, 49-56.

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