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Barriers and Attitudes Towards Contraceptive Utilization for Women Experiencing Homelessness

Leah Carr
Megan Murphy
Princess Palicte
Jem Viernes

Boys in Recovery: An Exploration of Prosocial Behavior in Residential Treatment

Hannah Siciliani

Community-Based Social Practice Art, Mood, and Prosocial Traits

Natalie Briare

Emerging Adulthood's Relationship to Childrearing

Yasmin Damian Damian

Ethical Implications of Embodied Practice for Future Nurses

Charlie Menke
Chivon Ou
Maya Phares-Rendon
Sai Tanguturu

Exploring Charge Transport in Solution-Processed Composites to Create

Brynn Harrington

Help-Seeking Behaviors for Mental Illness and the Effect of Stigma Among College Students of Various Identities

Rachel Mehlman

How Helpers Help Themselves: Burnout and Coping Strategies among Rehabilitation Therapists

Peyton Hockett

Increasing Prevention of HPV-related Cervical Cancers

Abby Dolor
Ali Jabusch
Henry Liang
Jem Viernes

Mood and Mentorship: The Affective Impact of Volunteering as a Therapeutic Poetry Mentor

McKenna Segel

"Motion of the Ocean" : How Big 5 Personality Traits Can Be An Indication of Job Satisfaction

Samantha J. Sposito

Motivations for Volunteering in Health Care, Specifically at Oregon Health and Science University (OHSU)

Fiona Dekker

SAD across the US: Seasonal Patterns of Adolescents Seeking Help from a Teen Crisis Helpline

Jarid Rother

Save a Life: Increasing EpiPen Proficiency Among School Teachers and Staff

Hanna Leonard
Abby Osborn
Keilene Sinlao
Sophia T. Hebner

Screening for Perceived Stress in Upper and Lower Division Baccalaureate Nursing Students

Keely Grealish
ZaK Breaux

Self-Care Regimens & The Well-Being of DBT & Radically Open DBT Therapists

Camille Tudury

Sports Satisfaction and Emotional Well-Being in Student-Athletes

Shayla Hoeft

Teaching Mindfulness to Reduce Stress and Promote Wellbeing in Children

Paola Maravilla

The Benefits of a Diversity-Based Visual Art Intervention on the Mood State of Children

Jessica Jenny

The Gifts of Giving: Positive Outcomes for Volunteers Who Bring Trauma-Informed Practices to Foster Healing and Resilience

Kimmie Romero

Vaping: The New Epidemic Targeting University Students

Karlie Chilcott
Megan Elling
Elsbeth Johnson
Caprielle Lewis