Date of Award


Document Type

Master Thesis

Degree Name

Directing, M.F.A.


Performing and Fine Arts

First Advisor

Mead K. Hunter

LC Subjects

Performing art--Production and direction; College and school drama, American; Gregory, Lady, 1852-1932


For surely every fairy tale begins with an invitation. And what is this thesis but a chapter of my own fairy tale?

Once Upon a Time there was a graduate student, searching for a thesis play. She read many plays, by different playwrights, some alive and nearby, others long dead and from lands far away. She read comedies. She read bittersweet tales of regrets and misadventures. She read a very campy play written in the 1950s about a school for witches. She searched for plays based on words that interested her, like ghosts, grief, and gardens. She spent long afternoons dreaming about which play would be the one to capture her heart.

One summer day she stumbled across a play called The Dragon. “Ah,” she thought, “I do love dragons. And Lady Gregory is such an enchanting name.” At that point she had never heard of Lady Gregory. The play was a small hardcover book, dusty and forgotten. As she read, her interest blossomed, each plot twist surprising and delighting her. Here was a story of a princess, a prophesy, and a dragon. As she finished it for the first time, a spark was lit in her heart. She read it again, and she started imagining how she would tell this story.


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THTR 599 - Thesis