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Doctoral Dissertation

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Education, Ed.D.



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Sally Hood

LC Subjects

School discipline--Psychological Aspects; Teacher-student relationships


The purpose of this qualitative case study was to explore restorative justice practices in one Pacific Northwest Middle School. The specific restorative practices used as well as staff and student experiences and perceptions explored. Data were collected from teacher surveys (n=22), staff interviews (n=6), student interviews (n=3), restorative circle observations (3 sessions) and a document analysis. Results included descriptions of seven distinct restorative practices as well as an in-depth account of a whole-class dialogue circle. Staff perspectives indicated the challenges, benefits, and recommendations for RJ implementation as well as key student viewpoints and experiences on the transformative power of restorative justice. Implications include the importance of the following: accountability within RJ, high levels of support from district leadership, developing staff commitment to RJ, and facilitating the culture shift needed to implement RJ successfully.


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